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Spice Bazaar brings you the diverse flavours of the Asian Spice Islands (literally thousands of islands) that have tantalized people for centuries.
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A key player in the the powerful Spice Trade to Middle east & Europe 60 0 years ago, this underated cuisine contains an astonishing variety of dishes. We have spent almost a year travelling across muliple archipeligos to research extensively & we are proud to deliver you such an exciting and authentic menu of these exotic secrets. Only advice I can give is not to miss this class..


(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity )

1) Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis
Tempe, the nutty soya cake unique to Indonesia is fried till crispy and served with dried anchovies and a sauce based on ketup manis or sweet soya sauce

2) Pelachang Kang Kung
Spicy salad of bean, peanut, Chili, Coconut and Shallot

3) Pepes Ikan (Indonesian Spiced Minced fish steamed in banana leaves)
It's a perfect technique for delicate fish fillets. This method seals in the flavours.The food essentially steams in its own juices & has the added benefits of being a low fat method of cooking.

4) Sumatran Beef Rendang with lemongrass and coconut milk reduction
A deep, richly flavoured spice ideal with beef, lamb, eggplant, chicken.
Perfect when slow cooked with coconut milk over a low flame.

5) Belachan Nasi Goreng
The national dish – stir fried with shrimp, belachan, and crispy deep fried shallots

6) Balinese Pork simmered in an aromatic sweet soya spiced braise
Always a favourite – this sweet immensely flavour filled dish must be tasted to be believed!

7) Gado Gado
The perfect accompaniment to the rich braises – a selection of lighly blanched vegetables with a peanut satay sauce

8) Black Sticky Rice with Coconut milk
Sticky rice is the ubiquitous dessert throughout Indonesia & here you make the black version with palm sugar and coconut milk.

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Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring

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Sat 17/05/14
10am - approx 2.30pm

new dates coming soon

Vegetarian options available by prior arrangement

Great experience, Great atmosphere
Loved the class again.

Such a wide range of dishes
Great quality ingredients

Being talked through the spices & ingredients, where to source them and how to use them.

The friendly welcoming atmosphere with no pressure, but staff that kept the day moving


Sumatran Rendang
Nasi Goreng
Balanese Bumbu
Indonesian Satay
Laksa Curry
Mytle Laksa


Thai Street Food
Vietnamese Cuisine

$110 * 4-5 Hours * Wine & Recipes Included * Aprons for the day *



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