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Flavours of the Mediterranean
Best of the Best - the chefs favourites from exciting & diverse cuisines of the Mediterranean Coast. . .

Start with light sophisticated with French cheese souffle, then to Greek Dolmades with a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio before moving to Spain for a gorgeous Seafood Paella and a central Victorian Shiraz accompanied by some very stunning and incrediblly tasty salads. Enjoy Moroccan Cous Cous and then Portugal for one of the planets most irresistable desserts!

(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity but it will be stunning!)

Soufflé au fromage
Create one of the french classics - souffle with swiss cheese.

Dolmades with pine nuts, currents (Stuffed Vine Leaves)
Vegetarian spiced rice mix with natural sweetness and nutty crunch rolled in blanched vine leaves.

~ ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Piquillo Salad; roasted sweet pepper salad (Spain)
.Sweet smokey roasted capsicum filletsare the star and when topped with amazing flavours of anchovy, red oinion, Spanish Sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil its Heaven!

Spanish Seafood Paella Prawns & Mussels (Spain)
The menu would not be complete without a Paella! Learn the preparation and cooking processes for a great seafood paella.

Cumin Roasted Beetroot with feta (Greece)
Gorgeous sweet beetroot with lucsious salty cheese and spicy depth. You will love this.

Rolled Shoulder of Goat with Greek Mountain herbs & garlic (Greece)
The Greeks are masters of goat, particularly when Greek Mountain herbs are used and its prepared properly, roasted to perfection.

Tusisian Spiced Cous Cous, Currents, Pine nuts & Pumpkin (Morocco)
This is a traditional North African staple dish done with Pine nuts, Currants, Tunisian spices and great flavour and is the perfect accompaniment to Saucy tagines!

Blackened Portuguese Custard Tarts (Potugal)
This Home made custard is irresistable but then combine that with a pastry, oven fired until caramalisation and you will find it hard to stop! Essential!

~ MAINS Dining with Wine ~




Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring


Vegetarian options available by arrangement

Thanks so much for such a fun, flavour-filled culinary experience!

Spiced Pear Dessert..."better than sex"

Loved the tips and techniques & learning about new ingredients and a new cuisine!

Patrick has fantastic enthusiasm and a passion that shines through.

..as a repeat customer I am VERY happy with what you guys do! - I just loved the course again - I can't get enough. I am learning new skills - I just love it.... - thank-you so very much


Italian Grand Afternoon
Greek Feat
Spanish Menu

4-5 Hours * Aprons for use * Wine & Recipes Included



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