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Find out about complex and unusual spice combinations - the influence of the Spanish cuisines with the distinctive and classic ingredients of the continent!
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We have travelled and researched extensively & we are proud to deliver you such an exciting and authentic menu of these exotic secrets. This is a menu that if missed, may mean you never taste these ingredients and flavour combinations / expericnes in a life time, unless you visit South America!

(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity )

Empanadas 2 ways - with Minced Pork & Ancho Chillies; Smoked Paprika, Cheese & Spinach
Braised Beef Empanadillas
Suculent beef strips cooked with Mexican Chilis including Ancho then wrapped in home made pastry and either baked or shallow fried. Spicy, smokey, rich and delicious!
Twice Cooked Eggplant with Mexican Achiote & Yoghurt
Gorgeous & Lucious eggplant with spicy earthy berry driven Achiote is rounded off with the yoghurt - simply delicous - must be tasted to be believed!

Home style Nachos
Corn, another South American product is topped with classic toppings and served with a guacamole

~ ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Papas Con Chorizo - Chorizo sausage cooked in a spicy potato dish
Very tasty smokey, spicy Chorizo Sausage is cooked & deeply flavouring potatoes in true Spanish Style!

Mole Poblano de Pollo - Chicken in Chocolate Chili Spiced Sauce
This amazing dish showcases Crispy skin chicken with a slightly sweet, spicy and nut-cholcolate sauce that creates a unique South American classic!

Mexican Rice
What better match for the Mole than a Mexican spiced Rice which is again flavoured with Mexican ingredients?

Crème Caramel
One of the most popular desserts on our menus - the perfect end to this feast - You will love this!

~ MAINS Dining with Wine ~

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Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring

Sat 22/03/14
10am - 2-30pm
Filling fast $110

Fri 30/05/14
6m - 10-30pm


The chance to try new things in a great atmosphere - well done guys!

Hands on is great & loved the variety of dishes

Not doing the dishes was great

The experience as a whole was fabulous

I love attending these classes, the ambience & warmth are always welcoming.

Hands on cooking, rather than just watching

Friendly atmosphere, very well set up

Enjoyed the class, very well organized


Mexican Achiote spice
Ancho chillies
Smoked Paprika
Mole Chicken Spice
Fajita/Taco Seasoning


Thai Street Food
Vietnamese Cuisine

$110 * 4-5 Hours * Wine & Recipes Included * Aprons for the day *



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