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Moroccan Tagines, Cous Cous & Spices!
Learn the secrets of a cuisine milleniums in the making...
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Spice Bazaar presents the spices, the tagines, the mezze. Following centuries of Spice Trade & extensive time in other civilizations have culminated in of the worlds greatest spice driven cuisines that delivered Diverse unparalleled dishes. Learn about the spices, the larder, the cultural background as you work your way through this stunning, ever popular menu with Spice Bazaar's unique touch on the lcasst

(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity but it will be stunnng)i

ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Duo of Yogurt Mezze
Red Pepper Walnut & Pomegranate, Tamarind & Chili

Crispy Za'atar spiced Lebanese bread

Prawns in Chermoula
The irresistible spicy chermoula spice is perfectly matched with prawns & this will have you coming back for more every time!

Ethopian Berbere Chicken Pastry, Minted Green Pea Puree
Spicy, earthy & rich, this tomato red meaty interior has a crispy attractively shaped bit sized pastry that is dipped into the perfect foil - a minted green pea puree!

~ ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Moroccan Tagine of Chicken, Ras el Hanout, Honey, Pomegranate
This is a traditional slow cooked dish that highlights the intense aromatics and complex flavours of Morocco cooking. Uses ras el hanout, honey and preserved lemons

Lebanese Fatouche Salad, Sumac
The classic Middle eastern Salad: healthy, flavoursome, crunchy and light, red capsicum, tomato, cucumber the perfect foil for rich tagines & cous cous!

Home made Moroccan Harissa paste
This is the classic Moroccan Spicy Paste used as a Tagine base, Marinade, condiment! This version is spicy, a brilliant bright red with a creamy consistency, beautiful flavour that is perfect as an accompaniment for the tagine and prawns!

Tusisian Spiced Cous Cous, Currents, Pine nuts & Pumpkin
This is a traditional North African staple dish done with Pine nuts, Currants, Tunisian spices and great flavour and is the perfect accompaniment to Saucy tagines!


Pears poached in Moroccan Spices, Citrus Labne Whip
The amazing Finale! Lucious, spiced, sweet, citrus. Irresistable!



Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring

Vegetarian options available by prior arrangement


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Sat 26/04/14
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Thanks so much for such a fun, flavour-filled culinary experience!

Spiced Pear Dessert..."better than sex"

Loved the tips and techniques & learning about new ingredients and a new cuisine!

Patrick has fantastic enthusiasm and a passion that shines through.

..as a repeat customer I am VERY happy with what you guys do! - I just loved the course again - I can't get enough. I am learning new skills - I just love it.... - thank-you so very much.

Learning new techniques
Brilliant and inspiring
I really loved the friendly atmosphere- had really good fun
Quality of ingredients
Explanation of ingredients, where to purchase them
Special tips were great, I learnt how to use a tagine
Being hands on, in depth knowledge transfer
Learning to use the different spices
Amazing, thanks for a great morning
Hands on experience and learning about the origins of the dishes
An excellent experience, I will be back.
The general ‘vibe’ was very comfortable, & the menu was all do-able.
The vibe of the place is fantastic. Food, passion for the business amazing.
I’ve never had the confidence to prepare any tagine dishes, now I do.
The fantastic blend of flavours and the staff!
Thank you guys for a unique & memorable experience.
The hands on preparation, the high quality food & the enthusiasm of the presenters
Dessert was a stand out
Great balance of prep, cooking and eating


Ras El Hanout
Eithiopian Berbere
Moroccan La Kama
Tunisian Tabil
Smoked Paprika


Moroccan Cuisine
Tapas & Mezze
Spanish Menu

4-5 Hours * Aprons for use * Wine & Recipes Included



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