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Tapas & Mezze Plates...
Spice Bazaar's showcases a diverse & stunning menu from Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Italy!
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Fabulous in its quality and bredth of dishes, students learn multiple receipes and multiple techniques - Paella making, Tagines simmering, Making empanadas & portugese tarts, stuffing and crisping up olives...the list goes on!. You must not miss this one !!!! Served wtih northern Spanish Grenache & Italian Pinot Grigio!

(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity but it will be stunning!)

Deep Fried Green Olives with Herb stuffing
Deep and lightly salty flavours with a crispy outside and tender, herbaceous cheesy stuffing complimented perfectly

Twice Cooked Galician Octopus
Sesational, smokey & textured octopus pieces with a hint of garlic & paprika

Coriander prawn fritters
Nutty, crispy, spicy besan crusted prawns with herbs. Delicious!

~ ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Spanish Seafood Paella Prawns & Mussels
The menu would not be complete without a Paella! Learn the preparation and cooking processes for a great seafood paella.

Spanish Black Olive and Orange Salad
With Middle Eastern flavours & Spanish ingredients, this salad uses extraordinary combinations of improbable ingredient combinations that WOW your taste buds.

Chicken simmered in a rich stock of Pomegranate with Ras el Hanout
The amazing award-winning aromatics of our Ras el Hanout Moroccan spice are compliemented with honey, and the sweet sour acidic Pomegranite Mollasis for an unforgettable stock to slowly simmer chicken pieces.

Piquillo Salad (roasted sweet pepper salad)
Sweet smokey roasted capsicum filletsare the star and when topped with amazing flavours of anchovy, red oinion, Spanish Sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil its Heaven!

Pears poached in Moroccan Spices, Citrus Labne Whip
The amazing Finale! Lucious, spiced, sweet, citrus. Irresistable!

~ MAINS & DESSERT Dining with Wine ~


BRAND NEW MENU SUMMER TAPAS MENU Sat 22/2/14 10am - approx 2.30pm

Gazpacho Shots (non alcoholic)
Zucchini Tortilla
Garlic Prawns with a selection of Spanish Tapa toppings
Spanish meatballs in a traditional Almond sauce
Lamb Cumin skewers
Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms in herbs
Grilled Chicken fillets with harissa, lime and garlic
Honey roasted Pumpkin cubes in pepper & herb butter
Dessert (TBA)


Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring

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Vegetarian options available by prior arrangment

New SUMMER Tapas menu (see below left)
Sat 22/02
10am-approx 2.30pm

Fri 16/05/14
6pm-approx 10.30pm
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Thanks so much for such a fun, flavour-filled culinary experience!

Excellent recipes, extremely well presented. My second time around was just as good, if not better than the first.

Loved the tips and techniques & learning about new ingredients and a new cuisine!

Patrick has fantastic enthusiasm and a passion that shines through.

..as a repeat customer I am VERY happy with what you guys do! - I just loved the course again - I can't get enough. I am learning new skills - I just love it.... - thank-you so very much


Ras El Hanout
Eithiopian Berbere
Moroccan La Kama
Tunisian Tabil
Smoked Paprika


Moroccan Cuisine
Mexican and South American
Spanish Menu

4-5 Hours * Aprons for use * Wine & Recipes Included



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