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Thai Street Food...
Step through a virtual Bangkok Street Market and learn the art of great Street Food!
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Learn how to prepare the stunning, classic dishes that the Thais love to eat! The diversity is amazing and features both traditional and some unusal dishes to challenge and satisify even the most knowledgeable participants. Not to be missed!

(Indicative & some ingredients subject to seasonal availablity but it will be stunning!)

Crispy Thai Fish Cakes with spicy Thai basil dipping sauce
Sensational spiced fish cakes that are crispy outside, succulent middle accompanied by the classic spicy Thai dipped sauce.

Thai spiced Tofu and Pork soup with Seaweed
One of the perenial favorites on the menu! Great pepper, pork, garlic and deep sea tones with tofu body, tiny meat balls - a flavour filled soup like no other!

Phad Thai Noodles with peanut, chilli & egg
This is the most famous noodle dish eaten throughout Thailand and you will make a very traditional and flavoursome style. A perfect lunch.

~ ENTRE Dining with Wine ~

Stir Fry Beef with holy basil
Tender stips of flavour filled beef in a deeply flavoured oyster. ginger, garlic marinade. Fresh Basil completes the experience

Laab Salad with Minced Pork
Minced pork is mixed with lime, herbs and cooked before cooling and mixing with shallots garlic, gienger

Green Curry seafood
No Thai menu would be complete without a Green curry which is one of the hallmarks of Thai cuisine. This version is not as hot as some aromatic with basil and a perfect balance!

Steamed coconut Jasmine rice

Thai Sticky Black Rice with Coconut milk
Sticky rice is the ubiquitous dessert throughout Thailand and here you make the black version with palm sugar and coconut milk.

~ MAINS & DESSERT Dining with Wine ~



Hands On * Fun * Relaxed * Inspiring

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Sat 15/03/14
$110 -
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Vegetarian options available only by arrangement on booking

Thanks so much for such a fun, flavour-filled culinary experience!

Spiced Pear Dessert..."better than sex"

Loved the tips and techniques & learning about new ingredients and a new cuisine!

Patrick has fantastic enthusiasm and a passion that shines through.

..as a repeat customer I am VERY happy with what you guys do! - I just loved the course again - I can't get enough. I am learning new skills - I just love it.... - thank-you so very much


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4-5 Hours * Aprons for use * Wine & Recipes Included



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