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Freshest, Natural & Salt-Free, Hand-Made Spices Freshest, Natural & Salt-Free, Hand-Made Spices
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 SP_DTR4P_1   4set - Desert to Rainforest (4x20g)   4set - Desert to Rainforest (4x20g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 DESERT to RAINFOREST - Experience the cream of the exciting flavours of Austalia: great citrus notes of Lemon Myrtle, the fabulous Native Pepper, spicy-sweet Pepperberries. Our indigenous spices provide you with great flavours and easy recipes to open up a whole new world of cooking experience. PERFECT GIFT IDEA for the Gourmet who is looking... 
 sp_con4p_1   4set - Dukkah Selection  (4x35-40g)   4set - Dukkah Selection (4x35-40g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 DUKKAH SELECTION - Famous Spice Bazaar Dipping Spices for entertaining, mezze, cooking and sprinkling on cooked foods! 4 of our best Spice Bazaar Condiments attractively packaged together with descriptions and recipe ideas for each spice on the back. Contents: separate 3-40g packets of Dukkah, Za'atar, Japanese 7spice and Tunisian. ... 
 SP_IND4P_1   4set - Flavours of Indonesia (4X30g)  **NEW**   4set - Flavours of Indonesia (4X30g) **NEW**   $15.00  Buy Now 
 FLAVOURS OF INDONESIA - A sensational combination of truely authentic, flavour-rich Indonesian spice blends to use in BBQs, Rice, SlowSimmers and stirfry dishes. Make delicious slow cook Beef or Lamb, fast and flavoursome Nasi Goreng rice, exotic Balinese Duck or chicken or golden, incredibly tasty Indonesian Satay. Trip back in time &... 
 SP_SRILANK4p   4set - Flavours of Sri Lanka (4 x30g)   4set - Flavours of Sri Lanka (4 x30g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 *** NEW **** Exotic, richly flavoured unique Curries from this fabled spice island! Hand made Sri Lankan Seafood curry, spicy hot Seeni Sambol condiment for sprinkling on foods, mixing with yoghurt, the famous Maldive fish - Bonito flakes dried in the roaring hot Maldive sun and the legendary Dark roast curry powder for meats and vegetables... 
 SP_RAJ4P_1   4set - Raj Pack (Indian) - (4x30g)   4set - Raj Pack (Indian) - (4x30g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 RAJ Pack - The finest selection of Premium Indian spice blends to make sensational aromatic and rich curries or marinades for both vegetables and meats. As usual only the best natural ingredients to create these fabulous flavours. 
 SP_SEA4P_1   4set - Seafood Selection (4x30g)   4set - Seafood Selection (4x30g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 SEAFOOD SELECTION - 4 of the Finest Spice Bazaar Seafood Spice Blends (Includes 1 each of Zanzibar Fish Masala, Lombok Seafood, Portugese Piri Piri & Moroccan Chermoula.) Perfectly matched spice blends designed to bring out the best in seafoods and more. Aromatic, fragrant, unusual and sure to impress! 
 SP_SKS4P_1   4set - Souk Selection (Moroccan/Tagine) - (4x30g)   4set - Souk Selection (Moroccan/Tagine) - (4x30g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 MOROCCAN SOUK SELECTION (TAGINE pack)- 4 of the finest, much acclaimed Spice Bazaar Middle Eastern & African Spice Blends attractively packaged together with descriptions & Recipes on the back. (Includes 1 each of Moroccan La Kama, Ras el Hanout, Baharat and Moorish Harira.) The perfect Tagine Spice Set. Make Moroccan Lamb, Chickpea & Pumpkin... 
 SP_OUT4P_1   4set - Spice Bazaar Outback Pack (4x30g)   4set - Spice Bazaar Outback Pack (4x30g)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 SPICE BAZAAR OUTBACK PACK - 4 Innovative, Flavour-filled, Natural Gourmet Blends of Native Australian Spices Pack. (1) Oz Bush Raisin Blend (Wild, Sweet, tangy, peppery blend), (2) Oz Citrus Spice (lemon, lime & lemongrass citrus underpinned by warm berry anise spice/tang notes) , (3) Oz Native Sensation (A complex spicy - hot native curry), (4)... 
 SP_SBB4P_1   4set - Spicy BBQ Pack (4x30g packs)   4set - Spicy BBQ Pack (4x30g packs)   $15.00  Buy Now 
 SPICY BBQ PACK - 4 of the Finest Spice Bazaar Mexican and US blends that really spice up your foods. (Includes 1 each of Portugese Piri Piri, Achiote Powder, Cajun, Jamaican Jerk). Great award-winning marinades for meat or vegetables for BBQ, Grilling or roasting. Smply the best! 
 SZAT30_01   Achiote Powder (30g)   Achiote Powder (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 ACHIOTE POWDER - Achiote or Annatto seeds provide a vibrant red colour along with a acinating earthy flavour. Use this gorgeous, peppery sweet yet very spicy blend to create a traditional Mexican Recardo. 
 SA_ANMYT25_0   Aniseed Myrtle (20g)   Aniseed Myrtle (20g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 Aniseed Myrtle. This fabulous native spice has Aniseed / Licorice Flavours with notes of pernod and sweetness. Aniseen myrtle goes well with meats & seafood....................... Marinate wtih Feta and Olive Oil 2) Use in Ice Cream for unique flavours 3) Great with white meats & seafood 4) Sprinkle on roasted vegetables in a brushetta... 
 SBAH01   Baharat (30g)   Baharat (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 BAHARAT - An enticing balance of great spices - aromatic & sweet yet quite warm and pungent. Orginates from North Africa & is popular in the Gulf States. Great on Lamb, BBQ meats, excellent with lentils or pilaf. 
 SP_INDBAB30   Balinese Bumbu (30g)   Balinese Bumbu (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 Complex spicy aromatic Poultry base 
 SBER01   Berbere (30g)   Berbere (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 BERBERE - A wonderfully rich, spicy and colourful Ethiopian spice blend that will provide a deep red, warming curry flavour for meat or vegetables. Particularly good with lamb or beef. A curry you'll remember! 
 SA_BST25_1   Bush Tomato & Oregano Salt (30g)   Bush Tomato & Oregano Salt (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 BUSH TOMATO & OREGANO SALT - A blend of the very tasty minerally pink gourmet salt flakes from the Murray Darling Basin blended with oregano and Bush Tomato (AKUDJURA) which is collected by the Aboriginal tribes who's traditional homelands are around Alice Springs in the northern tip of the Simpson Desert. Use in Pizza, Pasta, BBQ blends, Salads,... 
 S_CAJ35_1   Cajun (30g)   Cajun (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 CAJUN - cooking is hearty and spicy, influenced by the French, Spanish, African and American styles. Spice Bazaar's Cajun Blend is particularly spicy and can be used to create the familiar "blackened crust"... Ideas: The spicy flavour of Spice Bazaar's Cajun Blend is delicious added to casseroles, sprinkled on skewers of lamb or seafood,... 
 SP_DKR30_1   Ceylonese Dark Roast Curry (30g)   Ceylonese Dark Roast Curry (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 This dark curry blend is characteristic of Sri Lankan cuisine. Aromatic & flavoursome spices are roasted in ovens & ground. Great flavoursome curry base! 
 SA_DESRSN30_   Desert Raisin Blend (30g)   Desert Raisin Blend (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 DESERT RAISIN BLEND - Wild, Sweet, tangy, peppery blend provides a full palate of complex flavours of the Aussie Bush for dipping, marinades, sauces and sprinkles!..............Ideas: 1) Dip chunky bread into live oil, then spice. Enjoy with red wine. 2) Rub onto meats & veg to marinate before cooking. 3) Sprinkle to enhance the flavour... 
 SC_EDK40_1   Egyptian Dukkah (36g)   Egyptian Dukkah (36g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 EGYPTIAN DUKKAH - Gorgeous, nutty, tasty spice sensation. Great with olive oil & breadh, on eggs, and as a marinade for meats (esp. chicken) or lamb 
 SI_GAR30_1   Garam Masala (30g)   Garam Masala (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 GARAM MASALA - A warm and fragrant North Indian blend of spices. Can be either sprinkled over finished dishes, or added during cooking 
 SZ_GRF30_1   Granadian Fish Spice (30g)   Granadian Fish Spice (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 GRANADIAN FISH SPICE - Wild, intoxicating mace driven aromatics and superb sweet flavours including nutmeg and cloves with some underlying body. This alleged afrodisiac is sensational on fish, chicken, vegetables. Great with Coconut milk dishes. Irresistable! 
 SP_HAR35_1   Harissa (dry)   Harissa (dry)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 Spicy hot Moroccan condiment! 
 SI_HAW30_1   Hawayej (30g)   Hawayej (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 HAWAYEJ - A spicy blend of flavours with hints of India & the Middle East in one pack. Perfectly suited to rub on kebabs before grilling or BBQing or also excellent as a curry base. 
 SN_ISY30_1   Indonesian Satay (30g)   Indonesian Satay (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 INDONESIAN SATAY - A rich spicy and flavoursome blend to coat meats and/or vegetables for BBQ, grilling. Fantastic when mixed with peanut butter before marinading and then simmering over coals. Serve with "Spice Bazaar Nasi Goreng" for an authentic Indonesian meal 
 SU_CAJ30_1   Jamaican Jerk (30g)   Jamaican Jerk (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 JAMAICAN JERK - a spicy-hot Jamaican way of spicing meat or poultry before roasting in he oven or on a BBQ. Add a little rum & lime juice to make a sauce. ** Winner "Best Spice Blend" Fiery Foods Festival 2004, Manly ** 
 SJ_JAP40_1   Japanese 7-Spice (36g)   Japanese 7-Spice (36g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 JAPANESE 7 SPICE - Liven up soups, stews, noodles, steak and more with this Spicy flavoured addition to a broad range of foods! 
 SZ_LAK30_1   Laksa (30g)   Laksa (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 LAKSA - a fragrant and tantalising golden South East Asian Curry blend with a great aroma and taste that can be used in a stir fry, simmered curry or the traditional Laksa soup with coconut milk (Contains candlenuts and dried shrimp paste) 
 SA_BST25_1   Lemon Myrtle & Cracked Pepper Salt (30g)   Lemon Myrtle & Cracked Pepper Salt (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 LEMON MYRTLE & CRACKED PEPPER SALT - A blend of the very tasty minerally pink gourmet salt flakes from the Murray Darling Basin with oregano and Lemon Myrtle and Cracked Pepper. Intense citrus notes, pepper spice and rich mineral plate. Use in Chicken, Seafood, Pasta, BBQ blends, Salads, and more! 
 SA_LEMM25_01   Lemon Myrtle (20g)   Lemon Myrtle (20g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 LEMON MYRTLE - Vibrant sweet citrus aromas packed full with Lemongrass/Lemon flavours with hints of the bush!....Ideas: (1) Great addition to seafood dishes - try adding this to whole fish with sumac, wrap in foil and bake or steam. Serve with Wattleseed salad. (2) Marinate chicken with garlic, Lemon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper &... 
 SI_MAD30_1   Madras (30g)   Madras (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 MADRAS - a rich, full flavoured curry that has a gorgeous aroma & colour. Can be used with coconut milk or tomato to enrich meat, vegetables or tofu for a fabulous, satisfying meal Ideas: Use with your favourite Indian curry recipe! 
 SP_MAL30_1   Maldive Fish (30g)   Maldive Fish (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 A Sri Lankan classic! Chips of tiny pieces of tuna fish which are dried in the roaring hot Maldive sun. Deepens flavour of curries, vegetables and sauces. 
 SM_MHA30_1   Moorish Harira (30g)   Moorish Harira (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 MOORISH HARIRA - a fragrant, rich Moroccan Blend, traditionally a soup for Ramadan, but also makes great curry. Cook with Beans/Lamb/Chicken. Serve with bread 
 SM_CHE35_1   Moroccan Chermoula (30g)   Moroccan Chermoula (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 MOROCCAN CHERMOULA - A fresh Moroccan spice paste that is great for marinating seafood for roasting, grilling, frying or BBQ. At its best when used in a slow simmered saucy dish, especially a tagine. 
 SM_LKM30_1   Moroccan La Kama (30g)   Moroccan La Kama (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 MOROCCAN LA KAMA - a beautiful aromatic, golden brown curry blend from Tangiers which is wonderful as a long simmered lamb or a seafood tagine. Marvellous rubbed into whole fish before grilling. 
 SA_MPEP25_01   Mountain Pepper Leaf (20g)   Mountain Pepper Leaf (20g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 MOUNTAIN PEPPER LEAF - Lively aroma & flavours of pepper & spice from this unique green indigenous spice. A great alternative to traditional pepper....Ideas: 1) Create your favourite steak sauce adding native pepper. (2) Cook onions, garlic adding sundried tomatoes, basil & tomatos. Add cream & pepperleaf & precooked pasta. Toss with... 
 SP_NSG30_1   Nasi Goreng (30g)   Nasi Goreng (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 NASI GORENG - a fabulous mix to make traditional Indonesian rice; the \"Nasi Goreng\". Just cook the rice and stir fry, with finely chopped chicken and/or vegetables, the spice, adding a touch of soya sauce or ketchup Manis to taste. Salemat Makan! 
 SA_PBY25_1   Native Pepperberries (20g)   Native Pepperberries (20g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 NATIVE PEPPERBERRIES - Complex pepper flavours that explode with chilli like spice with lingering, spicy, liqorice notes & Burgundy Colour. Use sparingl....Ideas: 1) Reconstitute and use in sauces , especially cream sauces where its beautiful burgandy colour will permeate pasta 2) Great Steak either directly applied as a crust or as a... 
 SA_ODK30_1   Outback Dukkah (30g)   Outback Dukkah (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 OUTBACK DUKKAH - The exotic flavours of the Australian Bush in an irresistable dipping & sprinkling spice of desert tomato, pepperberries, myrtle & roasted spices...................Ideas: 1) Dip chunky bread into olive oil, then spice. Enjoy with red wine. 2) Rub onto meats & veg to marinate before cooking. 3) Sprinkle to enhance the... 
 SE_PIR30_1   Portugese Piri Piri (30g)   Portugese Piri Piri (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 PORTUGESE "PIRI PIRI" - (meaning small chiili) is a hot & versatile sauce which can be splashed, drizzled or brushed on just about anything incuding meat, vetegables and bread! 
 SM_RAS30_1   Ras el Hanout (30g)   Ras el Hanout (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 RAS EL HANOUT - the much aclaimed Spice Bazaar blend that some say is the best available on the market this side of the Atlas Mountains! A complex and distinctive mix of over 21 aromatic & rich spices. Originating from the villages of North Africa centuries ago, its ancient meaning is "best of the shop" representing the the merchants best spice... 
 SA_BST25_1   Rosemary & Garlic Salt (30g)   Rosemary & Garlic Salt (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 ROSEMARY & GARLIC SALT - A blend of the very tasty minerally pink gourmet salt flakes from the Murray Darling Basin with quality rosemary pieces and dried garlic with a rich mineral plate. Use in meat marinade particularly lamb and chicken, BBQ blends, Seafood and more! Great on roasts and sprinkled over roasted vegetables. 
 S_SBL30_1   Seeni Sambol (30g)   Seeni Sambol (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 Spicy hot, yet aromatic and flavoursome. A great spice to add warmth to dishes, prepare and serve as a condiment alongside other curries/dishes. 
 SP_SAD30_1   Spanish Ceole Adobo (30g)   Spanish Ceole Adobo (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 SPANISH CREOLE ADOBO - the glorious flavoursome new world spice for great meat marinade, rich stews with flavours of traditional paprikas including smokey chillis, green spice and garlic with a vibrant full and rich flavour. 
 SP_SPL30_1   Spanish Paella (30g)   Spanish Paella (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 SPANISH PAELLA - the glorious seafood and poultry spice for creating authentic Spanish dishes with flavours of traditional paprikas including smokey, garlic and complex yet subtle saffron flavours. 
 SP_SRI30_1   Sri Lankan Seafood Curry   Sri Lankan Seafood Curry   $4.00  Buy Now 
 Fragrant, spicy and full flavoured. A rich, deeply flavoured curry spice for seafood, chicken, dahl and vegetables. Use with coconut milk and rice. 
 SM_SUM40_1   Sumac (40g)   Sumac (40g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 SUMAC - a russet coloured berry is prized in Iran where it originates. The dried ground powder proveds a delightful tangy zing to dishes. Traditionally sprinkled on kebabs and salads. Ideas : use in place of salt or lemon juice. eg. sprinkle over salads, baked potatoes with sour cream, on freshly grilled fish 
 SP_SRG30_1   Sumatra Rendang (30g)   Sumatra Rendang (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 SUMATRA RENDANG - a deep, richly flavoured spice ideal with beef, lamb, eggplant, chicken. Perfect when slow simmered with some coconut milk over a low flame. Server over fragrant rice or with a "Spice Bazaar Nasi Goreng" spice stir-fried through rice 
 SA_BST25_1   Szechuan Pepper & Kashmiri Chilli Salt (30g)   Szechuan Pepper & Kashmiri Chilli Salt (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 SZECHUAN PEPPER & KASHMIRI CHILLI SALT - A blend of the very tasty minerally pink gourmet salt flakes from the Murray Darling Basin with Aromatic pepper spice underpinned with complex smokey chilli flavour and rich mineral plate. Use in stir frys, meat marinade, BBQ blends, Seafood and more! Great with Calamari, pork and eggplant. 
 SI_TAN30_1   Tandoori (30g)   Tandoori (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 TANDOORI - a flavoursome warming Indian style (no artificial red colouring) Mix with yoghurt as a marinade, or rub into meat before grilling or BBQing. 
 SP_TBL35_1   Tunisian Tabil (32g)   Tunisian Tabil (32g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 TUNISIAN TABIL - One of Spice Bazaars Award-Winning dry spice blends from the sunny shores of Tunisia. A versatile Tunisian spice that can be used to sprinkle on foods after cooking or as a marinade. Wonderful corander and garlic flavours! A great spice to put through your Cous Cous or for use in Tagines. 
 S_V5S30_1   Viet 5 Spice (30g)   Viet 5 Spice (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 VIET 5 SPICE - Essential aromatics and spicy-swee flavour base for Vietnamese Chicken, Poultry, Pho' Noodle dishes and more. 1) Poultry - mix with sherry and marinade. Use stir fried with Chicken or Duck pieces, light and dark soya sauces and a touch of sugar. Serve with salt, lemon & pepper. 2) Mix with pepper and stir fry calamari... 
 SA_WAT25_01   Wattleseed (20g)   Wattleseed (20g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 NATIVE AUSTRALIAN WATTLESEED - Rich coffee / chocolate and Hazelnut aromas & flavours. Use in place of coffee, chickory & use grounds in icecream, sweets....Ideas: 1) Boil 1tsp/small cup of water, strain & serve with cream, chocolate and/or nutmeg. Grounds can be reused: (2) Coat Pork Fillets with a Wattleseed & Macadamia nuts and roast... 
 SP_ZTR40_1   Za'atar (36g)   Za'atar (36g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 ZA'ATAR - the fabulous Lebanese condiment - A tasty Middle Eastern traditional spice blend. Sprinkle on food as a seasoning or garnish, or serve with olive oil and bread............................ Ideas for using Za'atar 1) Serve with cubes of bread and olive oil for dipping. 2) Za'atar bread - Mix 1 tbspn Spice Bazaar Za'atar... 
 SP_ZAF30_1   Zanzibar Fish Masala (30g)   Zanzibar Fish Masala (30g)   $4.00  Buy Now 
 ZANZIBAR FISH MASALA - This irresistible fusion of flavours from the Indian Ocean includes ardamom, lemongrass & giner, and works perfectly with seafood & much more! 
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