5th Sep 2014

Paris – preconceptions be gone.  It was the best of days it was the worst of days, etc. etc.

City of food, City of lights, City of tourists, City of gorgeous doors, City of pigeons!

We arrived early to a relatively quiet part of Montmarte, and had spied many number of Boulangeries that demanded attention. 

So as we ventured out for our first taste of Paris in 22 years (last visit was BC - Before Children), I chose a simple pastry at a local bakery and on exiting the building was promptly served a large warm package of pigeon poo on my head. Well it wasn’t the best way to start the day. It went uphill from here.

Such a beautiful, old city, and so many places to eat.

Day 1 saw small meals at many different eateries. We tried snails with basil, tiny ravioli with Roquefort cheese sauce, foie gras with onion jam, and traditional onion soup. We wandered Montmarte for most of the day, pondering the schedule of shop openings – some open early, some open late, some don’t seem to open at all.

We’ve spent 3 days non-stop walking, only stopping to eat something exciting, and last night’s late dinner was definitely that. A parmesan crust base with baby artichokes, baby tomatoes and other secret ingredients was impressively  inspiring. The other dishes were almost as good. And you know our standards are high.

I have to admit I was and still am looking forward most to the local bistro type places with exciting ‘real’ food that the locals value. Plus, the other bonus is you get to meet the locals. 

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