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Published by Jill Rowe on 24th Jul 2017

For those Footscrayphiles who noticed that Dong Que (reverently referred to as “the green place”) has closed, 
I have good news.

Luckily for us the family connections in the Vietnamese Footscray community are strong.

Dinh Son Quan, another of my faves, tragically closed when Little Saigon burnt down last Christmas,

It’s taken a while, but they have re-emerged in Dong Que’s place 
and the family connection sees the favourites from Dong Que still on the menu,
but also many goodies from Dinh Son Quan.

This is a win win for the devotees of both these fabulous restaurants.  
The photos are still on the wall, but the green is gone!

We lunched there today and found 2 of our favourite Dong Que dishes were
not quite as good as usual – but close, oh so close (and they only reopened 3 days ago….so hopes are high)

But we were absolutely delighted with a new dish we tasted - a stunning combination that the Vietnamese balance so well : fresh with herbs and pickles, light, (healthy), textural, and most of all delicious. Just Yum!  
So we're looking forward to visiting again soon - the new menu is LARGE.  
And they have an opening special 10% discount.

If you’d like to taste more of the Footscray ‘goto’ dishes we adore,
why not join us on one of our Footscray Food Tours. 
We'd love to host you!!!

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