Top reasons to take a cooking class

Published by Jill Rowe on 15th Sep 2017

Even Julia Child took cooking classes!

So why should you take one?

1.They are heaps of fun – meet fellow foodies, sign up as a single, a couple (it’s a unique date night),
or with a group of friends or family. Inspiring and a great way to spend time with a loved one or friend
Cook up a storm and then get to eat the feast with those nice people you’ve just met.
Even better is that perfectly matched wine is included.

2.  Learn new things – learn to cook new dishes, learn new culinary techniques.
If it’s a hands on session, you get to touch, feel, and ask questions.

3.Try new foods, and improve your palette –taste and adjust as you go.
Venturing into exotic cuisines often means buying a lot of new(expensive) ingredients to add to your pantry. 
Try the cuisine flavour profile, before you buy all the staples.

4.To impress – give a kick ass dinner party, show off your awesome new culinary prowess to your gf or bf

5.To save money. Taking a cooking class is an investment – choose wisely and get the most from the session.
Eating out at an exotic restaurant is a treat, but if you learn how to cook those interesting dishes, you can eat out less often, and can ensure you’re eating healthier by controlling the ingredients used.
6.You don’t have to wash the dishes!!! Big bonus. (BIG BONUS)

But how do you choose the right style of class for your needs?

1. Choose a session/theme/cuisine that interests you, or that you have limited experience with – immerse yourself in an unfamiliar cuisine and experience a new food profile

2.Choose the right style of class :

Demonstration – where you get to watch the preparation and cooking, and then (hopefully) taste the final products
OR :

Hands on – where you participate in the doing, not just watching, You get to experience how each dish should look, feel, smell, taste, and if something goes awry, how to remedy the issue.

3.What cooking skill level of customer is the class targeted to, beginner, intermediate or experienced cooks? Even a good cook can find new learnings at an inspiring cooking class.

4.Is the class location purpose built? A home kitchen or even a functioning restaurant kitchen may not be suitably equipped for a group learning experience.

5.What size is the class, are tastings only offered, or a full on meal/feast?

6.Who are the instructors/teachers? Not all good cooks are great instructors/teachers. Instructing a group, and ensuring an enjoyable experience involves many skills, handling the groups, keeping track of multiple tasks, keeping things running smoothly and having a sense of humour to make people feel at ease. And of course, most importantly, being an awesome cook! Always read the reviews!

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