Vegetarian and Vegan Classes


Restrictions on class size and group numbers means we are currently less able to offer alternatives to menu items as listed.  This includes dietary issues such as gluten free, coeliac, fructose intolerance, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, nut allergies, etc.    If you have any queries about  dietary issues or intolerances please contact us directly to enquire before booking. 



Once restrictions ease further and we can return to our pre-covid cooking class model we will once again be in the position to offer dietary requests.  See below.

Spice Bazaar can provide vegetarian and vegan options within the existing classes and here is how it works.  
You must advise us on booking or via email at least 5 days before the class so we have time to prepare and shop for any adaptions that may be required.
Please note that although you will be making meat free dishes, meat will be cooked in the class. All Classes $145.

Vegan Friendly Cooking Classes

The majority of the dishes in these classes will either be vegan or have vegan replacements. All of these are of course Vegetarian too!

class-icon-morrocan-middleeastern-v40.jpg Spanish Paella Cooking Class Thai Street Food Cooking Class Balinese Cooking Class 

Sri Lankan & Indian Cooking Class  Eastern Mediterranean Cooking Class Mexican and Sth American Cooking Class


Vegetarian Friendly Cooking Classes

The majority of the dishes in these classes will either be Vegetarian or have Vegetarian replacements.

class-icon-persian-v40.jpg Japanese Cooking Class French Cooking Class Greek Cooking Class 

Sicilian Cooking Class Italian Cooking Class_Pasta Making Cooking Class Cheese and Gnocchi Making Class


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