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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT SPICE BAZAARS COOKING SCHOOL, FOOD TOURS Darren Jenkin ★★★★★ Google Review Two Spice Bazaar experiences, the Footscray food tour, and a Moroccan cooking, both awesome! Footscray food tour; besides gorging on a fabulous walking food feast (food excellent), this tour offered insight into the history and development of this suburban culture and the families that contributed to it. Also, a great tour to learn of a wide variety food traditions and flavours brought to Australia and established over many years, or "fused" with other food traditions to form something completely new. This is also a great tour to source really fresh ingredients for people passionate about cooking and the ingredients they use. For the Moroccan cook class; we will be doing more classes, it was just so fun! Food was divine, goes without saying. In addition you will learn some technical things. I'd like to say a bit about Jill and Pat. They are very energetic people, and you can tell that they are dedicated to their business, love what they do, very knowledgeable and are totally in to making the experience fantastic. They do sell award winning spices that are carefully blended, extra bonus. Thumbs up!

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